Monday, 20 May 2013

D+M Brief

I am currently undertaking a live brief with a fashion and interior design studio called Dash and Miller.
I have chosen a client that they work with and will be designing a collection with them in mind. 

I was originally drawn to Manuel Canovas due to their use of herringbone within stripes that had neutrals with colour. 

After developing my own ideas, I decided to find a different client as my drawings were moving away from the style of Manuel Canovas's. 

Missoni Home is the client I have now chosen, their use of chevrons and colour within there designs drew me to them. 

Below is my inspiration board, it includes:
  • 3 of my own photographs - the streets of Barcelona 
  • Stripe fabric by Manuel Canovas
  • 1 scanned drawing of a card winding (I created this by moving the card winding up and down while scanning)
  • Herringbone blanket by Andreas Engesvik
  • Chevrons by Missoni Home

Photographs by Rhian Wyman
Copyright Rhian Wyman Designs. All rights reserved. 2013 ©

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