Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weaving Plan

A point set up will allow me to create pointy herringbone (Zig-Zags/ Chevrons). By creating a random point set up I will be able to have mixed sizes of herringbone (Triangle).
Above, is my weaving plan for a 16 shaft loom. It goes from 1-16-1-8-1-16-9-16-9-16-1-16-1-8-1-8-1-16-1-16-1-16-9-1.

The first weave pattern is a Herringbone, I will be able to create this with my weaving plan. 
The second weave pattern is TAW, this is formed by reversing the twill, I will also be able to create this.

Photographs by Rhian Wyman
Copyright Rhian Wyman Designs. All rights reserved. 2013 ©

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